In this article I’ll walk you through the SQL statements that I used to preprocess GPS sport data for machine learning. The aim was to train a model to make predictions on future games. In order to help the model understand as much about the game as possible I decided to generate features that could generalise across the whole dataset.

BigQuery is a data warehouse in Google Cloud that offers a free tier for investigative projects. It has multiple built in GIS functions for geographical data processing and provides machine learning capabilities through SQL. These attributes make it an ideal…

Can you imagine having to shift through thousands of hours worth of video footage to find 10 or 20 seconds worth of valuable information? Okay, now multiply this by 300 web cameras and you’ll have some idea of what I was recently tasked with doing. In this article I’m going to take you through how I built a serverless platform on GCP which enabled me to reduce thousands of hours of HD video footage to something more manageable. To do this I reduced my total video footage altogether. …

Paddy Green

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